“Sales Success is Child’s Play!”

It was only yesterday, after years of training sales people to success, that I heard something fundamentally earth shattering when it comes to becoming a super-star sales person.

And I heard it from my seven year old daughter.

So if you want to hear what she said and how it can fundamentally change your way of thinking, even for people who may not think you are a great sales person, then read on now…

My Daughter was on the phone to arrange a play date and this is how the conversation went.

“Hi X”

“How are you?”

“Did you have a nice dinner?”

“Do you still want me to come to your house on Friday?”

“Did you ask your Mum?”

“Well why don’t you ask her now?”

“I’ll ring you back in five minutes to see what she says – is that OK?”

Do you see what happened?

  • She built up trust
  • She was curious about how her friend was
  • She checked to see if her friend still wanted her to come over
  • She suggested she found out right away
  • She set the time for the follow up call.

And No, I have not tried to train her – she just did it naturally because that is what all people are, natural sales people – we just seem to “un-learn” along the way.

We also lose confidence, as it gets stripped away, we don’t have the resilience of kids – and yet you could, couldn’t you.

Can you just imagine what it was like when you actually get extremely curious about what the other person wants, when you try to match that with what you want and you just close the sale like my daughter did.

Oh yes, when she rang back, she didn’t have an answer – a bit like real life – so she said “OK, well if you ask your Mum when she’s in a good mood, you can let me know when I see you in school tomorrow. Then you will have the whole day to look forward to it”

So she set another follow up call and she reemphasised the value proposition – ie “You will look forward to it”

I couldn’t have scripted it better – and as you reread this and start to apply it to your own sales, you start to reap the rewards sooner that you ever imagined before.

If you are a business owner who thinks they can’t sell, well may I respectfully ask you to think again, you set up a business, and you had to sell that concept to someone – you had a dream and hopefully you still do – so just remember that – you just need to believe in the value you are giving to people and if you ask the right questions, they’ll just want to buy from you.

You see, that’s real selling, helping people buy, without ant tricks or persuasion, because they value what you have to offer. Your questions to them will just help them realise precisely how they will benefit from ownership.

This article was written by Peter Lawless of 3R Sales and Marketing. If you want sales training to deliver results to your bottom line and you want it to be successful, then you probably realise it must be tailored to your specific needs. So if you want to win, don’t just get the first available training course, contact us now and you could start to see great results from your sales team now.