Are Diamonds a substitute for financial freedom

Can wealth be calculated in Diamonds?

Riches, wealth and financial freedom are like beauty; they live in the eye of the beholder. Everyone that I speak with or coach has a different definition of what financial freedom is for them.


How many of us can easily describe our vision of financial freedom and what it will do for us and how our lives could be transformed.
There are three principle reasons that people might not want to take the steps to get rich;

  1. To some people it might involve too much hard work and besides, what would they have left to moan about and whose success could they begrudge should they actually succeed?
  2. Other people are too frightened to try and succeed in case they might fail. Most of us as children are told not to do things, not to try new things, not to take risks. This is often because the adult in charge does not have the time or inclination to help and mentor the child with what they want to do.
  3. The third and probably most misunderstood categories of people are those who are genuinely afraid of succeeding

It may seem strange, but there are people like each of us who actually feel that they don’t deserve success. Some of us may feel different to successful people, but in so many ways, we are actually are the same as them.

Everyone can find their own seeds of financial freedom and when they do, they need to sow them, nurture them, remove the weeds of indecision and doubt and they will have what their heart’s desire.