A Spoonful of Motivation

Boosting Morale & Productivity in the Finance Sector

Many banks are starting to recover from the fallout of the global banking crisis. However while profits may be starting to creep back in; the burden of increased compliance and regulation has left morale at an all-time low amongst many staff. Widespread redundancies, restructuring and uncertainty means employees in the finance industry are struggling to sustain motivation and as a result per capita productivity is lower than it could be. Financial incentives are not what they used to be, so how can the finance industry put the spark back into its people.

Boosting Morale in BanksFact: Motivated employees are far more productive. In financial terms, people are an expense and the work that they produce on behalf of the financial institution should be aligned with profit for the company. Sick days and time spent unproductively are all negative returns on a company’s investment in their people

The greatest challenge most people face in their working lives to success is not the government, our friends, work, the economy, it is themselves and their attitudes to the work that they are doing.

When people enjoy what they are doing they have a sense of purpose and achieve much more which means that the company employing them will profit from it.

It has been shown in numerous studies that people who have a higher level of emotional intelligence and more specifically a higher level of self-awareness are less stressed and more relaxed and can thus perform in an optimal state for longer.

Throughout the ages, great thinkers have passed on sets of guidelines as to how we can live our lives in harmony and happiness. Many of these principles take lifetimes to master and are often only accessible to a select few. Others remain hidden due to cultural bias, prejudice and ignorance.

If we want to make the most of ourselves and build a successful future it is important that we lay a realistic foundation and this can only be done by taking stock of exactly where we are today.

In every walk of life our success is often dictated by how we think and if we are mindful of the pattern of our thoughts we have a better chance of happiness regardless of the conditions we find ourselves in.

It is probably best to attend with an open mind and a willing attitude that this may help change your life, since our attitude to what happens to us can be the single greatest catapult to personal success and happiness that anyone can open to.

Each of the modules is self-contained and participants should be able to realise some or all of the following benefits:

  • Become more able to concentrate on the task in hand
  • Find it easier  to relate to people
  • Start to notice have higher energy levels
  • Become calmer and more easily able to handle stressful situations
  • Feel more pride in work produced
  • More adaptable to change or upheaval
  • Less likely to take time off work due to sickness
  • Able to relate to what is required to be able to perform better in their job