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More Leads with Small Business Marketing Training


Small Business MarketingSME Marketing IrelandWhen you learn how to communicate the right messages in the right way to the right people, you will start to see a stream of qualified leads flood in, easily convertible into sales. If you’re looking for a coordinated, cost effective plan, contact us today.

Two Day sales Lead Generation and Sales Closing Workshop – take the next step to success now and kick start your lead generation and boost sales revenues.

What Will You Get with Small Business Marketing Training?

The tangible value of many products is easy to communicate, however many companies find it extremely difficult to Kick Start their marketing activities to create valuable leads for IT sales.

Don’t feel bad though! In a recent survey of large and established companies over 78% of CEOs felt that their company did not portray their value appropriately. And you probably know that without a clear message, a lot of your lead generation and sales efforts could be going down the drain.

With a clear definition of how your clients get value from you, your lead generation wouldbe so much easier because: You can now easily formulate your sales and marketing messages to define why people should purchase from you – this means more sales!

Key Benefits

If you are in sales or in marketing, and you want more leads and more sales, you will probably realise your on the same team. And when you attend this workshop, specifically geared for people selling or marketing IT, hardware, software or services you will begin to ~

  • Understand how marketing can actually work for your target markets and start to get an incredible return on your marketing budget
  • Know precisely who you wish to target and what opportunity is available to you will enable you to set realistic quotas and hire excellent sales people.
  • People will buy from you based on emotions and when you start to see exactly what their needs, wants and pains are, you will be able to relate to them in such a way so that they trust you and buy from you again and again?
  • What would it be like being able to clearly articulate and then implement a marketing strategy that addresses your prospects desires and manages a wonderful return on budget?
  • How you could gain from having a high conversion ratio, by implementing sales methodologies and processes, which suit your strengths and ensure success is repeated and failures are avoided.
  • Could you find it easy to maximise the revenue per customer by charging fairly and by expressing the value of your offerings in customer terms.
  • Getting the optimum life-time revenue from a customer, by maximising cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that arise and ensuring they are a valued customer for life.

What having a clear message that articulates the value of your offerings to your potential customers really means is that;

  • They know exactly what you provide
  • They know what it will do for them
  • And they know how valuable it will be to own.

This means they are now ready to become customers – so how do we help you find that secret formula; the message that attracts customers to you?

How We Work with You

Programme Outline

Create the right messages targeted at your ideal customers, which define the true value of your offerings to be used to generate leads. Accordingly, you will learn how to put together a tactical marketing plan with specific action steps to take.

  • Day 1

o   Know your Customers and Clients – Let’s get right inside your customers’ heads.

o   Know your Product or Service – Let’s align what you offer with what your customers really, really want.

o   Know your Target Market – Use what you already know, combined with your profitability analysis to determine whom you should go after for business

o   Know your Competitors – Let’s just check that your competitors don’t seem to be offering the same.

o   Create your Message  – A set of messages to be used in all sales and marketing activities.

  • Day 2

o   Lead Generation Plan Template – What your lead generation Plan should contain?

o   Create Your ADSPORT Plan – Use the proven seven techniques to generate more sales leads

  • Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Speaking
  • Publishing
  • Online
  • Referral
  • Telephone

o   How to communicate your pricing – Find the best way to deliver your pricing message in terms of value

o   Create Powerful sales Questions – Once you know how to create value in a prospect’s mind, closing the sale is easy.

Call phone-number now because you are not alone – many people are finding it difficult to have acoordinated, cost effective lead generation plan in place!