Do you obey the 5 commandments of customer communication?

Every time you interact with your customers or prospects, is a chance to enhance the image of your company, and thus be more profitable. In a world, where technology seems to be driving business process, it is vital that you start with the basics. This article describes the 5 core principles behind customer interaction. Make it easy for customers and prospects to contact you, using whatever method suits THEM.

Whether you are a one person band, or a company with 5,000 employees, it is vital that everyone sings off the same hymn sheet. By this I mean that customers should experience the same positive proactive experience, regardless of whom or where within your company the interaction comes from.

People may not buy everything on the internet, but recent statistics indicate that 70% of purchases are researched on the internet today. A large proportion of these are then made in person at shops.

Imagine the scenario; you have looked on a lighting company’s website, and seen a lamp that you like, but you really want to see and feel it in the flesh as they say. You go into the shop, and ask for it. “Oh, but we don’t have that in stock” they say! You explain where you saw it, starting to get frustrated. They explain to you, speaking slowly, treating you as someone who just doesn’t really understand, that just because it’s on the web, doesn’t mean they have it in the shop.

How do you now feel about that company? I would walk out and go somewhere else.

Every time someone external communicates with your company is a chance to impress. Maybe it is time to review what you are doing. Take a look at, what I call the 5 commandments below and see how you score;

  • Be consistent in what all employees say and do, across all channels of communication.
  • Make it easy for customers and prospects to contact you, using whatever method suits THEM.
  • Respond to all contacts in a professional and timely fashion.
  • Track all communications, and ensure appropriate processes are in place to ensure appropriate action is undertaken in all instances.
  • Constantly check how you’re doing and is everything working, by asking your customers prospects and employees for feedback.

There is one common theme, in addition to the external contact that runs through all of these commandments. That is one of internal communication.

In order to communicate consistently with people outside the company, you first must learn to communicate effectively inside your company. You may want to check if everyone understands your company’s vision and mission.

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