Financial Sector Training

Trading in the Zone – The Psychology of Trading

Stock TraderMost of today’s sporting elite have not only technical trainers they also have “mind coaches” to ensure that when the pressure mounts, they are able to maintain a positive and calm frame of mind. The greatest barrier to winning is an uncontrolled fear of failure. By focusing on failure or even the possibility of failure, the trader reduces their chances of success. When performance becomes an issue, the resulting cycle of stress and fear will weaken many to the point of complete melt-down. Successful traders are supremely confident and for much of the time trade in or close to, “The Zone”. To know your limits, you must first exceed them. A bad trade on its own is not a failure. It only becomes a failure when, due to stress and anxiety, the trader breaks process and allows emotion take over and dictate their moves. Read More….


A spoonful of Motivation – Boosting Morale


Boosting Morale in BanksMany banks are starting to recover from the fallout of the global banking crisis. However while profits may be starting to creep back in; the burden of increased compliance and regulation has left morale at an all-time low amongst many staff. Widespread redundancies, restructuring and uncertainty means employees in the finance industry are struggling to sustain motivation and as a result per capita productivity is lower than it could be. Financial incentives are not what they used to be, so how can the finance industry put the spark back into its people. Read More…