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Master Tools for Success with Sales Training


Business Training IrelandHow could you take the first step to a highly effective way to help you increase the potential of your company even more?

Would you like to win more sales by writing winning proposals? How about influencing people with confidence and excellent presentation skills?

If you want to see how fast your busines could generate more profits, click below to pick a service that best matches your current need.

Sales TrainingSales Training
Would you like to see sales increase effortlessly even during our current economic downturn? Could you feel less stress when you achieve your sales targets because you understand buyer’s map of the world? Read more…

Presentation Skills TrainingPresentation Skills Training
For Speakers, Presenters & Trainers Ready to Be Transformed! This proven and dynamic program will bring out the best in you by offering you the opportunity to model the skills and techniques used by the world’s most powerful and effective presenters. Read more…

Sales Proposal Writing Sales Proposal Writing Training
Are you already aware that language is your most powerful persuasion tool? By applying these skills to any form of communication, you can experience significant increases in brand-building and responses to your ‘call to action’. Read more…

Small Business Marketing TrainingSmall Business Marketing Training
The tangible value of many products is easy to communicate, however many companies find it extremely difficult to distil the BluePrint for their Success for each offering, without expert facilitation. Read more…

Benefits of 3R Business Training Services


  • You will obtain the best value for money and price relative to your budget because all courses will have both trainers available and can be run in one day, which is cheaper than taking two days out of people’s busy schedules.
  • We only provide top quality courses that instil positive experiences and outcomes for all participants, which is precisely what our clients are looking for.
  • You probably want an imaginative and flexible approach to all training and coaching and we have combined your expectations with NLP to ensure that you learn how to learn as well as learning and remembering everything that will greatly contribute to your quality of life.
  • We thrive on our reputation and once you schedule a course with us, you can always be assured of our availability to provide the skilled personnel with the necessary qualifications/experience to fulfil your requirements.
  • Not only will we make two of the best trainers and coaches available to you, we also have two post-graduate assistants to work with us, which means we will never have to subcontract.
  • Our testimonials clearly demonstrate a track record of a successful
    implementation of similar programmes in terms of content and scope and more importantly in terms of value to participants.
  • Hopefully as you read through this page, our capability of demonstrating an excellent grasp of your training and development needs will become clearly evident.