Bespoke Sales Training

Close More Sales with Bespoke Sales Training


Sales Training IrelandSee sales increase effortlessly even during our current economic downturn as you discover that the most important aspects of selling is about relationships. To foster great relationships in the sales environment, contact us today.

Take the next step to success now and move those relationships forward to create profitable customers requires a process.

What Will You Get with Sales Training?

This course is 80% about relationships and interacting with people and only 20% about process.

  • All sales start with relationships – Learn proven ways to get into rapport with all customers successfully.
  • Discover the secret that top sports & business superstars use to always be in the best frame of mind or state to perform at your peak – every time.
  • Unleash the power of your unconscious! Once you are aware that 93% of learning is unconscious, you can use this communicate effectively and powerfully!
  • Uncover the secret of how to ‘speak everyone’s language’ so that everyone hears your message in a meaningful way.

Your Trainer: Peter Lawless has considerable experience in sales & marketing, business development, speaking, coaching and training in Ireland, UK and EMEA.  Thousands of sales people have benefited from learning their many secrets of success by either training or coaching with Peter

Key Benefits

  • Use your senses to observe what strategies your customers use to make buying decisions, so that you always close the sale at the right time.
  • Learn how to determine your customer sweet-spot so that you can always focus precisely on what your customer wants
  • Learn some of the most influential language, so that you can position your questioning techniques to powerfully encourage buying decisions
  • Dealing with objections – no sales course would be complete without this vital module.
  • Time management – sales people who manage their time achieve higher results
  • Sales Process – a short introduction to sales process – the scientific way ofincreasing productivity and sales

Who should attend?

This is for all people who have recently started in sales or are going to be carrying a sales quota. It is also useful for anyone in sales, who requires a refresher and wants to form better relationships with customers.

How We Work with You

  1. Spend 15 mins on the phone with us.
  2. Based on the call you will see what is the best step for you to take.
  3. Whatever decision you make now, after talking to us initially, you will watch your sales increase soon!

When you attend this two day, highly interactive training, with an international sales veteran, you will not only grasp many powerful tools and skills, you will use them to kick start your selling.

Contact us now because you are not alone – many people are finding it tough to attract more clients!