Coaching Tips

Free Coaching Tips for Your Better Performance

Sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees. Coaching is a great way of looking at your business from a new viewpoint – finding out where you really stand and stating where you want to go – this, and more, you will read about in the articles below.

Banking Relationships – Is Information the Key?
As more and more financial institutions embrace the concept of CRM, are they really improving their relationships with their customers, and is it equating to dollars on the bottom line?

Give one away free to your customer – Right Now!
In today’s modern society, we are all hell bent in getting as much as we can, in the limited time available to us. So why bother giving things away to your customers?

Harnessing the power of dreams to create wealth
Having dreams and aspirations is an essential part of any successful entrepreneur’s makeup. But what do they do to utilize the power of those dreams?

Extracting company profits to invest in property, using your pension
Once your business is on track and delivering profits, the most important consideration is how to maximise you and your family’s future income for you from these profits.

Do you communicate effectively inside your company?
The customer has gone out the door; he has just placed a large forward order for delivery next march. Can you be sure that he will get what he expects? Is your internal communication up to scratch?

Stop working and start Earning?
I want you to close your eyes and ask yourself, what you would really love to do with the rest of your life, if you didn’t have to work ever again.