Unleash your potential as a leader - leaders have followers, each of us can be a leader

All leaders have followers

So what do leaders look like in the shower – the same as everyone else, with warts, droopy bits and all!

Next time we happen to take a shower, stop take a long hard look in the mirror and many people will realise that they are looking at a leader. All of us have unique characteristics that, when utilised to the full, enable us to be true leaders.

I don’t know who is already familiar with the story of the ugly duckling. Ducklings are adorable little yellow fluffy things and in the story there was one that was different. He was grey and appeared ugly to all of the others because of their perception of normality. He was thrown out of the nest and spurned by everyone else, because he did not conform. He was brought up by different parents and grew into a magnificent swan that, all his previous detractors, thought was beautiful.

We are all different, with our own special gifts inside of us. The true art of leadership is being able to use those gifts, not solely for ourselves, but for others as well. Whether we are a parent, a boss in a big business, a supervisor or someone who knows just a little bit more about a job than the new guy – each of has the unique power to demonstrate our leadership skills. It’s up to us to make the choice to be that leader!

By reaching out and connecting with another human being to help make their life just a small bit easier, we can start to feel the most amazing internal glow of pride. As in loving thy neighbour as yourself, we begin to use some of the talents, we have been given, to help someone else.

If we were to ask any true leader in any successful company, why they believe their company is successful, their answer will normally be “because we have some great people here”.

Leaders give people a reputation to live up to. Leaders look for the best in all people and do all in their power to amplify that good. As a leader, the more we can empathise with other people, encourage and motivate them to be as good as they can be, the more they will reward us with dedication, loyalty and hard work.

It is an insecure boss who uses fear and control to manage their people. When working for someone like that, there can be a degree of frustration involved – there is however a way out of that situation as well. We can learn to lead our boss to our own joint success.

So if we pause a moment, add up all of our talents and gifts and allow gratitude to fill our hearts, the overwhelming desire to help others wells up inside us.

In this moment we have unleashed our leadership potential.