Have confidence in all things

Have confidence in all things

Some people just seem great at things; it all just comes naturally to them. You are the same there are some things that you are amazing at, you have a special knack of doing certain things.

As you start to discover your true self, you will come to understand where the first ring on your career ladder is and indeed how long you will spend on it.

Many of you will be familiar with IQ tests, which measure academic prowess. There are many other abilities and they can be measured in many different ways.

Ability can be defined as something that comes completely naturally to a person. I tend to focus on the following 8 abilities.

  1. Mathematical – There are always some people who can do calculations in their heads faster than most people can use a calculator. People with this ability actually enjoy playing number games.
  2. Linguistic – Some people love reading, learning new things in writing and improving their vocabulary. Maybe you are one of those people who found learning more than one language very easy.
  3. Artistic – Some people are naturally creative, they like to do things with their hands and they make or paint things as a way of expressing themselves and even for relaxation.
  4. Musical – Did you ever notice some people can hear a tune once and then sing, hum or play it perfectly?
  5. Sporting – Sporting ability is either something you have or you don’t. I have seen numerous kids that were hugely talented in other areas being made to feel inadequate by over zealous parents.
  6. Social – Luckily, for those of you who feel that you are not natural socialisers, this ability can actually be honed. We all have it naturally and any number of events that happen to us in our lives can shake our confidence. Restoration of self belief and some simple exercise can create a social animal in all of us.
  7. Emotional – Did you ever notice that some people seem to be very emotional? A person with a strong emotional ability can use their sensitivity to learn from and use their own and other emotions in a positive manner.
  8. Self-Awareness – Knowing your self and your own capabilities is probably the most important of all of the abilities. Self aware people know what they want and go straight after it.

Some people never realise that without academic excellence, you can still be excellent. What really matters is that you know what you are great at and that you spend your life doing it and enjoying it.