We run specific Sales, Marketing  and Soft Skills Training programs for companies.Have confidence in all things

Laying a foundation for success, means that every step you take with accumulated learning will be fruitful

Any effort you take along the path of attainment, should have results and positive outcomes as its main focus, while you enjoy the journey

Is it not time that training had the same focus? What could you imagine the benefits entrepreneurs could really get with?

Sales, Marketing, Coaching, Training and Growth in Ireland

Cost effective, practical services for companies and individuals.

Market Your company more effectively

  1. Close more sales for higher profits
  2. Make more use of your own abilities and skills
  3. Get new skills in sales, marketing and communication
  4. How motivational speeches can improve productivity

All the courses run are highly interactive. Only when you are truly interested and inspired can you be in a learning environment that is completely effective for you to achieve huge benefits and increase in your potential.

In all our trainings, we teach you how to learn first, in a way that is invaluable and unique.

For each new element we introduce on any training, we use the following 10 Step Training Methodology. This is done for three reasons:

  1. To enhance excellence of the learning experience, since people learn more when they are having fun.
  2. To increase retention, since we all learn better by doing.
  3. To ensure benefits continue after the course through continued applications of what was learnt with tools for practice.

10 Step Training Methodology

  1. Why this knowledge is useful to participants and how will they benefit from it
  2. What are the fundamental principles, concepts and facts that they will learn
  3. Demonstration of what they will learn from the instructors and 1 volunteer
  4. Explanation of what was done and open questioning of the participants understanding of the learning outcomes
  5. Instructions to each participant on how to perform the exercise themselves or in a group
  6. Learning by doing
  7. Feedback from participants about what they learnt
  8. Feedback on how they imagine using this in their work or life
  9. Action exercise to condition their mind to always be doing this and achieving the future outcomes naturally and effortlessly.
  10. Coffee break, free format discussion with instructors and participants – 15 min