Company Branded Book

Based on the published book, the author works with companies to “brand” your own copy.

Motivate Staff Today

Staff Motivation Training

Training based on the "Company Branded" version of the Book.

Motivate Staff Today

Customer Benefits

Use a proven format to reinforce company strengths. By customising your own company, you will have a way of reinforcing your company’s brand and culture.

Motivated Staff

Nothing will hold back staff who are motivated

Reinforce Culture

Emphasize your Culture using a branded book.

Links to Training

Staff own a branded book linked to Training

Praise for “The 10 Commandments of Happiness”

Best selling authors have showered the book with praise.

This book inspires you and motivates you to be a happier, purpose-filled person in every area of your life”.

Brian Tracy

World Renowned Speaker and Sales Trainer and author of over 20 best selling books

“Individual  happiness should be a given. Accept your right to unlimited happiness by reading and applying these 10 commandments.”

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-creator of the Best Selling Series Chicken Soup for the Soul and the One Minute Millionaire Series

“The 10 Commandments of Happiness goes straight to the heart of our power as spiritual beings and is a great tool for sparking major life changes.” 

Mike Dooley

Author of Notes from the Universe and New York Times bestsellers Infinite Possibilities and Leveraging the Universe,

What’s Included with the Package?

Customised content for the company of “The 10 Commandments of Happiness”.

We’ll meet with you and ensure that the “Re-Branded” book maps precisely to your company messaging

Work with HR and Marketing, incorporating your brand and culture.

Both your branding and value proposition need to be included in this motivational book

An agreed Initial print run of books*.

NB: *Customised books will be joint copyright between the Company and the Author. The company is free to print and distribute as many copies as they wish, paying a royalty per copy, after the initial print run.

An agreed initial number of training sessions/workshops for Employees.

Depending on the order size, an agreed number of training sessions will be run for employees

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