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  • 24. Internet in Ireland with Donna Kennedy – Life Lasting Success and Her new book, and Darrell O’Dea on Internet Bootcamp Ireland – 1 Apr 2009
  • 22. Home Care with Liam Donnelly of Sandra Cooney’s Home Care – 18 Mar 2009
  • 8. Radio and the Internet with Mick Hanley of Dublin City FM and Simona Rusnakova of 3R Sales & Marketing – 26 Nov 2008

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The Internet, just like driving in a car, is part of our lives. When you know how to navigate the Internet, it can be vastly rewarding; booking a flight. Buying products on-line, interacting with friends, running your business and taping the vast store of content, from facts to video and music.

Not knowing all the rules of the road when driving on the super highway can be scary, even dangerous. From viruses, to credit card fraud, pornography to identity theft, the list goes on.

Each week we interview an expert in the area, to show you, the listener, how to overcome any perceived or real fear you may have.

As always, this show is about you – and we want your participation, so that we can be sure to cover the issues you want to know about.

The show is sponsored by ICS Skills, who bring you Equalskills; the fun and exciting way for complete beginners to learn all about using computers and the Internet – for young and old.

Presenter: Peter Lawless

Radio Station: Dublin City FM 103.2

Airtime: Wednesdays, 1.30pm – 2pm