Who’s That in the Mirror?

How many of us are able to look foursquarely into the eyes of the person in the mirror at 3am and feel proud, proud to be alive, proud to be that person, who is kind, successful and magnanimous?

How many of us pack away our dreams in the attics of our past hopes, leaving them gather dust, while we toil away in a world of reality, doing what we feel we ought to and never really feeling alive?

How different could our life be, if we woke up every morning, full of vitality, ready to squeeze the juice out every golden moment and go to bed feeling satiated, knowing we had lived yet another wonderful day?

To say you will leave this talk with all the answers would be worse than marketing hype, it would be downright lies! However, nearly everyone will leave with one or two pointers that will help them with the greatest challenge facing all humans; how to have less suffering and more happiness in our life.

It is probably best to attend with an open mind and a willing attitude that this may help change your life, since our attitude to what happens to us can be the single greatest catapult to personal success and happiness that anyone can open to.

Excerpt from the Key-Note speech (this can be changed to suit the audience)

  • Discover your passion and learn how to translate it into a life of fulfilment.
  • Find a way to take any job you are in and look forward to it every day and see your boss single you out for promotion.
  • Helping you have a more gentle conversation with yourself as you tap into a source of potential joy and fulfilment you may not have known already exists inside.
  • Learn how to separate material success from internal happiness.
  • Redundancy and job loss can seriously rock our self esteem, yet you will find out how, so many people take it in their stride and use it as an opportunity to re-invent themselves.
  • Stress causes more deaths than obesity and smoking, yet few medical practitioners will show you how to practice living a more tranquil life, regardless of the conditions you find yourself in.
  • While positive affirmations and shielding yourself from negativity are important ingredients for a successful life, getting to know and love ourselves can bring lasting joy.
  • A discussion on why acceptance of who we are, is so much more important that constant self-criticism and a search for perfection.

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