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Drink lest we be thirsty and can not continue the good work.

Take each moment, that life gives us and savour it, for each breath we take is unique. While breathing is involuntary, how you think and how you will act upon your thoughts is truly your own choice.

  1. Learn to love who we are – While it may seem obvious to many of you, no matter how hard you may want to try, you can not change your DNA. You can not change what you came to this earth with. So get to like what you have, learn to respect who you are and learn to love how you deal with what live throws at you.
  2. Don’t beat ourselves up! – You are probably reading this either because you really want to improve your situation or because some one you love has asked you to read it. You are never going to be perfect, there is no such thing as true perfection – so just accept that everything is not always going to work out for you.
  3. Accept our Mistakes! – More millionaires have been broke on their way to fame and fortune than retirees who live today on the minimum pension. A mistake is only a failure if you fail to learn from it. When you do make a mistake in judgement, review the situation and ask yourself how you can avoid making that same mistake in the future.
  4. Don’t brag – How often have you seen a loud and obnoxious person bragging about how great they are? People will often point to them and say how they really love themselves! The reality is that these people lack self confidence because they don’t truly love themselves. They feel the need to brag and exaggerate to get attention to cover up their lack of self esteem.
  5. Listen to others– When you have true self confidence, you will be able to accept your own abilities and be prepared to learn to improve upon them. If you are always speaking, how can you learn anything new, from which you can grow? Everyone has a story to tell, and maybe just maybe, you can learn from listening.
  6. Give our self time off – When you are tired physically and mentally you cease to function at your best. Rest and relaxation will help you recharge your batteries. This way all those around you will not have to suffer the irritable behaviour and moods that fatigue can cause.
  7. Grow a little every day – An acorn does not turn into an oak tree overnight. Learn to walk before you start running. Small steps in the right direction will surely take you faster to your goals, than running when you are ill prepared and thereby tripping over and losing the race to success.

Can we imagine how exhilarating it will be to know that we made a choice today to change our life?

Only each of us will know, how we will use the lessons learnt here – will that knowledge make each individual feel proud in 5 years time, or will we look back in regret and say “if only”?

So, can You be the person that chooses to love yourself and live your life to the full?