Boost Confidence, Motivational confidence booster
No more Crap!

The good news is that years of negativity, can be quickly wiped out, and you can create a powerful confidence in yourself. This will enable you, not only to rise above the crap, but will provide you with the tools to truly succeed.

The 7 tools below could empower your life, are you prepared to try? Do you really want to make a difference in your life? well what’s stopping you?

  1. Learn to love your self – We all have some great qualities, since we are all unique on this planet. Search within yourself, to locate what it is about you that is different. Then decide how you can use it positively. What ever the talents we have, it is vital that we use and appreciate them. Then and only then can we begin to grow.
  2. Smile at People – It is a known fact that 99% of people, when they see someonesmiling at them, smile back. It is said that a smile costs nothing to give, and yet is hugely valued by the receiver. So each time you give a smile, you will get one in return, just imagine what 10 people smiling at you today, would do for your confidence!
  3. Smile at yourself – I am not suggesting that you spend hours in front of the bathroom mirror, telling yourself how absolutely gorgeous you are! However in the mornings, do look yourself straight in the eye, smile atyourself, and give yourself some compliment. If you can’t say nice things to your self, you should not expect others to!
  4. Set a small goal that pushes you a little everyday – Pick anything that might be just a little difficult, just for today. Prove to yourself that you can do it, and it will boost your self esteem, and as a result your confidence will definitely grow.
  5. Take up a sport – Social interaction when you are all playing some sport is a fun way to meet people. The more social interaction you engage in with people outside your immediate group, the more confident youwill become.
  6. Learn a new skill – Whether it is a full time course in nuclear physics, or learning how to knit at night. Expanding your horizons, will also expand your future possibilities. The more that you can do, the more your confidence will blossom.
  7. Learn to communicate fluently – Not being able to communicate with others effectively can make life difficult. At all costs, and I really mean it; make yourself fluent at speaking  people’s language. It will dramatically increase your chances of getting what you want, better pay and a shot at a fulfilling career.

Follow these steps, do at least 2 to 3 each and every day, and I guarantee your friends and colleagues will start to see a remarkable difference in you.

You will start to feel so much more confident inside; you will take pride in what you do. Most importantly, you will have the confidence and belief in yourself, to stand up for your rights and stop taking crap!