What's your definition of Success

What's your definition of Success

Some people are born with all the luck. Success just seems to land in their lap. Many of us wonder what it is that they seem to have, the secret of their success. Are you one, do you wonder how you can start to claim success as you own?

Probably the most amazing revelation that I am going to give you right now is that you have all nine talents. You have them ALREADY. The decision to apply these principles regularly to everything you do will awaken the giant inside you and help you grow your unique capabilities, to bring you the happiness that is yours by right.

  1. True Self Belief – We start life as little bundles of joy that believe you are invincible. Highly successful people never lose that ability in self belief; they just learn how to redirect that energy and high feeling of self worth in a focused direction towards their goals.
  2. An ability to set Goals! – Goal setting and goal oriented action is a necessity for success driven people. They are able to imagine what it will look and feel like when they have achieved their goal. They then plan to devote all of their energy to realise that dream
  3. A Passion for life! – You may already be aware of how excited successful people are when they speak about their achievements. They are even able to look back on the setbacks, with humour and know that without them they would not be the person they are today. With this attitude, you could wake up every morning, knowing how much closer that day will bring you to your dreams.
  4. Persistence – How do you imagine multi-millionaires dealt with failure?  Did they feel like giving up? Probably! Do you believe they did give up, or do you believe, that like you, they decided to keep going, no matter how hard it seems to be at the time?
  5. An Ability to Change – Setting your goal and taking massive action is the essential first step in exceptional achievement. The realities of the world sometimes, make our original plan unworkable. Outstanding people know when they need to change their direction and outlook to overcome obstacles and turn them into opportunities.
  6. Charisma – I am sure that you have some great friends, and that you know a lot about them and that they like the way you act towards them. Wouldn’t you agree that the leaders in our society are able to reach out to everyone in the way you reach out to your friends and family.
  7. They Know What they are Good at – Like the elephant, they know their strengths and weaknesses. Unlike less successful people, they focus on improving their strongest abilities and let other people perform the tasks they are not suited to.
  8. A Realisation that they Need Help – Tiger woods, the greatest golfer on the planet has 4 coaches. He uses external experts to guide him, where they can be subjective about his skills. With their proper guidance they help him be the best he can be. Who is your mentor?
  9. A Burning Desire to Succeed – When you feel your shoulders straighten and your head lift, as you decide, right now, that you are a success, you have discovered the secret of greatness. The most important ingredient to success is clarity of vision coupled with an overwhelming belief that you MUST succeed.

Do you realise how easy it will be for you to attain your highest ambitions, with these nine talents. Can you feel and taste the sense of accomplishment that will bring you.

Good luck, and let me know how you get on, imagining your success is the first step, achieving it after that is as sure as a river flowing into a lake or the sea.

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