Leaders are made by those who follow

In order to provide for your family, to love and honour them, you must first love and honour yourself.

We all trust and believe in others that we respect. People who have experienced success are more likely to be a good mentor to you and they are someone that you can indeed look up to.

When you are successful, how will you feel when people look up to you? Will you be a role model for others? If you are to succeed, you must first love your self. It is only then that you will be in a position to truly impact many people’s lives.

Whether it is as the boss of your own company or as a line manager in someone else’s company, people will look to you for guidance. You better know what drove you to success and be proud of yourself, if you are to impart that wisdom to others.

What are the characteristics of a great leader?

Great leaders in battle protect them selves, because were they to fall, it would seriously impact the confidence and resolve of their followers. This is not cowardice, because in time of battle, to become that leader they would have had to prove themselves already in battle.

The great leaders of our time have proved themselves as foot soldiers in their chosen field. It is a known fact that over 90% of millionaires today are self-made. This means they either worked in large companies, they followed a profession, they were outstanding in sport or entertainment or as is the case for the majority; they started their own business.

Great leaders and highly successful people are no different, in make up, to ordinary people. They rarely have superhuman powers, immense intelligence or phenomenal luck. When they become successful, often despite some humiliating setbacks, they are still the same people that they were, before their big break through.

When Bill Gates became the richest human on earth, his DNA did not change, he did not grow another leg, arm or double his brain size. He was still Bill Gates, a guy with incredible vision and persistence to carry his dream through to reality.

Indeed Bill Gates was no different to you, unless of course you don’t want to succeed. Maybe then you will be happy with a state pension that you can barely live off when you retire!