We all have our own perspective for our own motivation

Do we see things differently from others?

When we plant an acorn in well prepared and fertile ground and lovingly tend it, an oak tree will eventually grow. When we scatter wheat seeds on a bed of rocks, we should not be surprised if we have no harvest to make our bread.

Self esteem can be defined as having the ability to accept who we are and to feel proud of yourself. Having enough self confidence to pursue our goals and dreams despite others trying to tear us down, is a measure of self worth.

If we do not love ourselves, how can we expect others to give us the chance to prove ourselves? Self love is not looking in the mirror all day and telling yourself how beautiful we are.

True self love is having respect for the fertile mind and body that we were given upon this earth. Learning how to care for and nurture the seeds of greatness that are sown within us all, is the greatest gift that we can bestow upon our selves.

It is from the harvest, that the farmer saves some grain to grow next year’s crop. The question to ask is: Will our harvest be enough to share around, to provide abundance for ourselves and for those we love?

Do you know how to love yourself in order to be able to love your neighbour? When we can truly love our neighbour, then we will feel the ultimate feeling of success, self esteem and self worth that makes and hardships we may have undergone seem insignificant.

So, if we are truly prepared to commit to the grams of discipline, then the tonnes of regret that many people endure in retirement will pass us by.

And wealth of mind, body and spirit can shower upon us in abundance.