How much are you are committed to improving on your current situation? Have you ever considered what your true strengths are, what it is that makes you feel completely fulfilled?

Be who you are - dance lightly, achieve your dreams

Be who you are - dance lightly, achieve your dreams

Leaving your own dreams aside for a moment, I want you imagine, 5 tonnes of grey elephant, dressed in a pink leotard, doing little numbers on her toes, while pirouetting around a small stage.

Pretty impossible in reality for that to happen in reality you may think. Yet I am sure that you had a clear picture of an elephant performing ballet in your mind.

It can sometimes be difficult, without having mastered the art of irresistible influence, to get other people to do what you want. You on the other hand, once you know what you want, can get yourself close to your dreams with ease.

So why do so many people settle for second best, when with a little effort, you could clearly imagine yourself as a hugely successful person.

Our thoughts and words determine our actions.

Think of how happy you will feel when you go into work for a company that truly respects you for who you are and your abilities. Whether that company is a blue chip company, a small 5 person company or your own company, the feeling of high self esteem is amazing, isn’t it?

Where are you now? Would you be happy in five years time if you were in the same situation as you are in today?

Would you feel really relieved, that as a successful person, you had made the decision, right now, to change and improve your life?

You are probably already aware, that by following in the footprints, of successful people, you can emulate their success. The key difference being is that you are a wonderful, unique person in your own right and that your success will belong to you and your family, because you will have created it.

Very few highly successful millionaires have high IQs, so what do they have, that enables them to be the truly magnificent beasts they are? They are kings of their jungle, doing what they do best and not settling for second best like the 99% of people who just don’t bother.

So if your fed up doing stuff you’d prefer not to be doing – you might want to take stock – perhaps, you may even enjoy coaching – just contact me if you’d like some help, Peter